Sunday, March 27, 2005

“Easter” dinner at Tamara's

We had “Easter” dinner at Tamara's place. Easter is in quotes because Easter isn't till May 1st, as all Greeks know. You can't have Easter before Passover, but anyway... the food was great and a good time was had by all: Christians, Christ-killers, and non-believers alike.

Here's the kitchen crew is all their Easter-bonnet best.

It's not the best shot of Tamara, but I like to see people being fed.

Zora's delicious Deviled Eggs


Peter, the prom queen, and a member of his court

My parents and Aaron, reliving the good old days of early 1980s Evanston

After the coup, I lost my tiara

She was singing up a storm

Why didn't Tamara order more selter? She mentioned something about boys wasting it by shooting it from porch. But I don't know what she's talking about. Neither does Dapper Dan

Rod, realizing that life in Astoria really is as good as they say.

Somehow, it always ends up with dancing in the kitchen.

It looks like Vistoria did something bad, and boy is Nicole pissed! Andrienne is trying to console her. Meanwhile, Zora is so happy, she just can't help but stick out her belly and rub it.

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