Sunday, May 15, 2005


Katie and I went upstate to visit friends. Two projectionists in the house means movies. We watched Chaplin's Easy Street, which features lots of cop stuff I can show in my class. And we watched a great documentary about the World's Fair in Queens.

The picture below? Kelly drinking. Randy drinking. Katie tinkering. Me riding a riding mower (my first time, I might add). Randy falling of his skateboard in their unfilled swimming pool (sic). And Randy and Kelly sporting the latest upstate fashion. Missing are pictures of the BBQ, the films, the train ride, the garage sales, and me grading papers.

Talk of poison ivy, mosquitoes, Lyme disease, and Wallmart made me feel strangely happy to get back to the city safe and sound.




Peter riding

Randy falling

randy and kelly

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Anonymous said...

Yo, this posting rocks! Except that i'm falling off my frigging skateboard, and drinking, and looking like American Gothic with protective diapers on.

Sorry about the threat you received, but since you are an ex-cop. Bring it on bambi!

Hey speaking of cops, my friend Chris has landed a job on The Wire as a writer, woo whoo, you know what that means... Road Trip! Wanna go? And I hope you die a long awaited death, in your sleep, many many years from now. LoveR