Thursday, December 01, 2005

Chinatown to Jamaica

Chambers Street. Man, this station is old school. Like “Warriors” style. Abandoned platforms. Bad lighting everywhere. And give everywhere. I think they should keep this station as a museum piece of the bad old 1980s. Sorry the pictures are so blurry, but it was very dark.

Old school. And not in a good way.

Then you come above ground and cross over the Williamsburg Bridge. It’s a beautiful view. Then you past Peter Lugers and the last exit to Williamsburg. Next thing you now, it’s bars, fried chicken, liquor stores, and nail salons. Ah, the ghetto.

Graffiti and abandoned buildings don't seem very New York to my sheltered Astoria life.

Approaching station.


Chicago either was two or four tracks. But nevertheless, this shot reminds me of Chicago.

East New York (or thereabouts).

Approaching Broadway Junction.

Three lines cross here.

Sign for the future L train.

Ghost track to heaven.

Station under construction.

Houses off to the side.

More houses.

London Squire.



On the J line.

Finally underground in Jamaica.

Earlier, on another day, I biked out to Woodside/Jackson Heights to get Asian goods. I love that area.

I needed some black pepper.

This is the warning on the back.

Do not eat as snack? Uh, OK. Rinse for 5 minutes and boil for 30? I just wanted some for my salad. I guess I can wait 35 minutes. Boiled pepper corn? Maybe that is a snack food.

Is there another toxic spill in China I should be aware of. I think I’m going to be a rebel and pop them like Altoids.

There was also some baking-soda looking powder that was meant to be taken for "heatiness." It came in regular, orange, and lemon. Made by Glaxo-Smith-Kline for the Hong Kong market.

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