Friday, May 05, 2006

house pictures

Not pictured, very slight leak in main water line coming into building.

From porch looking west
Similar Manhattan view from roof
other homes in row. view from front porch.
looking up bathroom skylight
looking up hall skylight
neighbor's garden
laundry line!
chimney needs tuckpointing
looking down on neighbor's garage
porch door detail
roof closeup
roof looking forward
bedroom. closet door is on right
view of backside of the bedroom closet, perhaps future home of spiral staircase to roof
looking into bedroom
looking East from roof rear

our little yard
neighbor's yard, view from kitchen pantry
other direction (west) from kitchen pantry window

looking straight back

looking down from bedroom


house and neighbor garage



house (on right)

between house and neighbor

front door

view across street

front door


1st floor kitchen

kitchen cabinets

kitchen pantry

1st floor middle room

1st floor middle room looking back

1st floor looking in from entrance


stairs to 2nd floor

2nd floor back, bedroom

2nd floor back looking forward

2nd floor toward porch



bathroom door

front entrance wood

back yard-aki

kitchen pantry from back yark-aki

view of rear of house

back door

back yard-aki grill

basement kitchen

basement look back

basement bathroom

basement entrance

under stair storage in basement

front of basement

hot water heater


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