Friday, August 25, 2006


It all started with a warm welcome at the airport.
Inside the house.

1930s Hits of the Week! To play on the victrola, of course.

Traditional white bread?
It’s easy to slip into the reclined life style.
The 1920s house is tastefully decorated with 1920s furnishings. And a very blue sponge cake.
Out in town.
You don’t see too many of these parked in NYC.
Chicago hot dog. It was pretty good. But the bun didn’t seem steamed. The man said the get everything from Chicago and he didn’t “want to say the buns are stale by the time they get here….” But they were.
Girl Scout
The Rotarian 4-way test.

Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House. Yum.

Sorry Charlie’s

boiled peanuts
BBQ from roadside stand was good.

Spanish Moss. The city is famous for it. It is quite pretty.

Entrace to the Wormslow Plantation.

Big spider wows the crowd.
Big spider.

Welcome to Amtrak. Actually, the station, replacing a beautiful one built in 1908 torn down for a freeway overpass, was a snazzy bit of 1960s architecture.
Free carts. Classy.
Mural on one wall. Kind of like the one in Geneva.
Mural on other wall.

phone booths
Arrival board. They have to go in manually and change the actual time when the train is delayed. Of course it wasn’t quite up to the minute.
Vending machine in train station. Some uniquely Southern snacks I’ve never seen.
On the train it was better. We had a nice little sleeping car. Zora loved the efficient engineering. Sink. Toilet. Two bunks. And enough space for one person to stand up. In the day the beds fold up and there are two facing seats. This “roomette” is much nicer than the west of Chicago trains because east of Chicago the trains are single level and the compartments are bigger. And every inch counts.
The train left at 12:30AM, two hours late. In Amtrak’s defense, there were some very heavy rains right before it got into town. And we knew the train was late before we go to the station. So we got to hang around with Bob and Rick till our midnight cab came. The train arrived at 7pm in New York. We slept well, ate in the diner (nothing can be finer), and read a lot. Zora says she still feels dizzy. But we both liked the ride. There’s even a shower in the sleeping car. It’s but fun and considerate to shower at the start of your train trip.
dining car
dining car

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