Sunday, September 03, 2006

manhole fire

Firetrucks and smoke on the street today.

We heard a large bang and wondered what it was. I figured they dropped something heavy in the large waste container at the construction site across the street. It turns out it was a 4-foot-square manhole-like section of sidewalk pavement getting blown off. That's a lot of force. Manhole fires happen strangely a lot here in NYC.

Firemen came and stood around for about 20 minutes while it popped and burned itself out for a while. Or maybe till the power was cut.
Our power flickered for a while and I unplugged the computers and refrigerators and closed the windows (I know from Baltimore how nasty smoke damage can be). But the smoke wasn't too bad and our even our power never really went out. And all's well now.

For an action manhole-fire video (40MB .avi files), click here.

It's always good to see my tax dollars getting put to good use.

9pm update:
They're still working away. There were Con-ed crews in two other manholes around the corner as well. Quite a little chain reaction.

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