Sunday, November 05, 2006


I was down in the Yucatan visiting Zora last weekend. I didn't bring my camera but she just e-mailed me some pictures from the trip.

Mayonnaise bigger than my head. And my head is pretty big.
Mayonnaise and coffee, that famous combo. Strangely, though I was there, it didn’t really strike me as strange till I saw the picture here.

I discovered that tricycles were the most common form of taxi and transport in villiages and small towns. The sad part is they'll probably eventually all get replaced with loud motorized vehicles as they get more money.
There was even the occasional bike path next to some major roads out of town.

I don’t know the story here.

Nor here.
Fire nuts were delicious. Really. Don’t snicker. I don’t why the crunchy-coated peanut snack food doesn’t exist here. It’s big in Holland, too. But not with chile and lime.

Hacienda train. These used to connect the plantations to towns. You can tell from the picture that I’m actually 9 feet tall. Must be the chiles. The people were very small back then. Actually, they still are.
The circus is coming to town!
Oh boy!

I didn't go to Campeche with Zora, but I still dig the color scheme at the Hotel Colonial.

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