Saturday, February 04, 2006

The bastards are getting me down

My neighbors cut down two beautiful and seemingly healthy trees. WHY?! What type of dumb-ass Queens asshole cuts down old trees in his back yard? Like Queens needs fewer trees.

There was a bad man with a chainsaw jumping around the branches way up high. That part was kind of cool. Actually, very cool. A man, a self-contained safety harness, and a chainsaw. He climbed and bounced around that tree like a monkey. A monkey with a chain saw.

First, I hoping they were just doing a major pruning job. Perhaps clearing branches from the power lines. But no. Up he went. And down it came. And waking me up at 9AM. Chainsaws are really loud.

So now we’ve lost our bedroom privacy, and all the other benefits trees provide. It makes me want to move. One of the great things about our place was the cocoon of trees off our bedroom and back porch. In the summer it was beautiful. And even in the winter the branches blocked all the windows of the big apartment block. And I assume there will be fewer birds too. Cardinals and bluebirds and lots of other kinds I don’t even know.

It just so happened I took a picture of one of these trees back in November when it was in beautiful color.

Here’s the yard today.


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