Friday, February 24, 2006

The early bird got the worm!

I got up at 10AM today for no particular reason. That’s on the early side for me. I turn on the radio to find a woman I know, Beth Fertig, as the guest host on the Brian Lehrer show. WNYC. Public radio. She's normally on their transit beat, so I actually do know and like her reporting.

Then I hear that one of the topics is “Stop Snitching.” Hey, I’m thinking, why didn’t she call me?

[I’m trying to think of the number of WNYC and somehow my mind come up with the 866-9687. I google it to discover that that’s the number for WNUR, Northwestern’s radio station, where I was a DJ almost 20 years ago. How did I find that off in the dusty attic of my mind?]

She gives the number on air and I call right away and get through. And I know Beth Fertig from a few dinners at Tamara’s. Baltimore, AKA Charm City, just happens to be the spiritual home for the whole “stop snitching” movement.

So they put me on at the same time that one of their guests couldn’t make it. So in a few moments I go from “Peter in Astoria” to “Professor.” I was on for about 20 minutes. I start at about 8 1/2 minutes into the show. And I’m happy to have finally broken into both New York and public-radio airwaves.

The segment's link in the show is here.

And for the mp3 audio file, just go to my website.

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