Sunday, March 26, 2006

I finally broke the Times

Having read the New York Times all my literate life, I've been trying hard to get my name fit to print. Today's the day. I'm quoted along with the more impressive big shots Jerry Skolnick, Frank Zimring, and David Kennedy.


D's C said...

Congratulations! That's always been a dream of mine too. I kind of got in when my publisher bought an ad for my book, but I'm not sure that counts. I'll probably have to marry some stockbroker from Connecticut for it to happen for real.

Fotaq said...

You could always open the Formstone Museum or something and wait for another one of those "Wacky Baltimore" pieces.

Or if that doesn't work, you can close the museum be in one of those, "end of an era in Baltimore" pieces.

My other life dream was to be an extra in a John Waters' film. I guess I'll to settle for the Times.