Saturday, March 25, 2006

We eat like this every day

Sometimes we when have guests over for dinner, they ask, “do you eat like this everyday?!” Well, basically, yes. I mean maybe not everyday. Because some days are leftovers. Or Mexican tortas. But we do eat pretty well most days.

Normally the East Asian Continent in my department. But tonight Zora whipped up this little gem of a dinner.

Shrimp and pork sautéed.

For an pancake filled with goodness.

Eggplant with spicy stuff on top.

Pork in a caramel sauce. This was sweet and, with a little extra fish sauce, delicious.

Grilled beef salad. It was my retro-nouveau cucumber garnish that inspired me to photograph the whole dinner.

Spicy Nuoc Cham sauce for the beef: Fish Sauce (Nuoc Mam in Vietnamese, Nam Pla in Thai), sugar, lime juice, garlic, carrot, hot pepper.

Fish sauce? I love it. Here’s the best article I ever read about fish sauce. I found it just now.

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