Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Gates

I took a very brief stroll through The Gates in Central Park on the way to school today. Not the best art in the world. The gates themselves are a bit clunky looking. They're not sleek. Too many rigid right angles. A curved top would be much much nicer. The fabric itself is cool. More complicated than I was expecting. Nice color and there's some texture to it. And even if the Art itself is only a B, the concept and effort still make it an A+. There are a lot of people in the park. More public art, please.

The Gates

kind of clunky

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rich bachelor said...

Well, my parents are going to see that installation next week, and I just sort of had to keep my mouth shut. I have always felt that Christo's work was always childish ( as opposed to childlike), and sort of typifies why most modern art (and public art in particular) is awful. Y'know? Putting a curtain across a perfectly decent canyon in Utah? Wrapping the Reichstag? Silly hipster in-jokes! And as for this one, I'm certain that some curator somewhere will be able to provide me with a decent explanation for this one, as this is how they sing for their supper, but it just sounds so damn pointless and stupid.
Then again, no doubt I am a Philistine.