Monday, February 07, 2005

Victoria’s Birthday Lamb Roast

For a nice description of the day, see Roving Gastronome.

This time, our lamb was actually from a butcher. But we may have eaten this little cutie last time.

Karl stoking the fire.

Lamb waiting to be placed on the grill.

Instructions for the ("stupid") Arab butcher. But ended up not going to that place. But thanks for all these, Ali. P.S. Of course you can't read this, but at least act cool and move your eyes from right to left. Each line in numbered on the right side.

Directions and recipes for lamb-head related items: brains, soup, tongue. Karine pointed out, "man, your spelling really is bad." Yeah, thanks. I know. And don't forget, this was written in a bar.

How to cut the lamb (view is from top down, with the lamb looking butterflied), diagram of flank and how to slice it, and liver recipe.

How to skewer the lamb leg and shoulder.


Head, neck, and shanks (end of arms and legs) making soup stock.

Browning thicker shanks (closer to shoulder) before being roasting in the over.

Head removed from stock, cooling. The checks were then eaten straight. The toungue... I think it was lost.

The early turns.

Hired help chopping the chops.

Katie and Adrienne

Brains cooking, looking good.

Slicing brains, served with garlic and onions in vermouth. Not many people ate them.

The two shoulders waiting for Karl's carving genious.

Lamb shanks, preserved lemon, pomegranate syrup, an onion, a carrot, cumin and coriander seeds. And a smidge of saffron. Three hours of oven magic, et voila: Tamara astounded at her own genius.

Braised shanks. I didn't get to try this. sigh.

Karvin' Karl


Getting more booze.

still carving

The legs off the spit. They never did get carved. That's how much meat there was.

Enough carving, already!

Tail-end of the lamb chops.

Oh, baby!

Eating meat.
The fruits of my labor.

Karl and the birthday girl.

African ass-shaking in the kitchen.

Getting things done (like dishes?)

good bye

Too big indeed.

Ali and his latest harem.

All those bikes make me think of Amsterdam.

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