Sunday, February 13, 2005

Greek mountain tea

I got curious about Greek Mountain Tea (Tsai vouNOU). Best I can find on-line, the Latin name is Sideritis syriaca. Ironwort is the English, I think. But Ironwort isn’t in any of my foraging books, which is strange because the people who write those books tend not to overlook anything ou can put in your system that won't kill you.

But the tea is delicious. I’ve yet to meet anybody who doesn’t like it. And it's very pretty, too. And the best part may be that the best Mountain Tea is foraged in the Taygetos mountain range… the same mountains the Spartans used to throw babies off.

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Anonymous said...

The english equivalent name is difficult to find because there isn't one. The tea only grows in greece on rocky slopes at high elevation. Its medicinal properties are widely known amongst the Greek population. The common name translated would be shepherd's tea or shepherd's mountain tea, or just tea of the mountain.