Monday, June 13, 2005

The joke potential!

A rabbi and priest and a professor walk into a bar...

The rabbi was very friendly and speaks very good English. The Priest (Patriarch, mind you) was also friendly. He studied in America and his English is fluent. He said there are 70,000 Armenians in Istanbul (which may be a bit high). The Armians have had it rough, but unlike the Greeks, the Armians didn't have a country they could move to (not that Greece always welcomed Greeks from Turkey). The Instabul Armenian community is stable, he told me, but only because about 5,000 Armenians migrate from the East every year.

I asked him what would happen to the Orthodox Patriarchate (since the Turks won't allow a none-Turkish citizen to lead the Greek Church and soon there will be no Greeks left in Turkey). He said the Greeks would probably try to hold on for as long as possible, and then, "who knows?"

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