Wednesday, October 19, 2005

And civeche too!

So today as I'm leaving for work, I stop by the bodega to tell them how great the soup was, and there was a big tray of Peruvian ceviche and a big platter of larded-up rice. He insisted on giving me some to try. It’s amazing! Both of them. But good civeche is worth telling people about. There’s no guarantee there will be anything special there tomorrow. He says he’s going to try and have more food, now that it’s getting colder (?). The place is open all night. Don’t confuse it with fine dinning. But there are a couple of chairs. Just move the empty beer bottles aside and the sleeping customers are usually quite friendly when they’re awake. The guys who work there are usually the only ones who speak English.

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Nathan said...

Truly you are a lucky man to have found such a place!