Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sopa de Piscado

Coming back from picking up vegetables yesterday, I stopped in the corner bodega for some tacos and a beer. I got the tacos to go because the place was pretty full (and, at 7pm, nobody was asleep).

Normally the place just sells tacos (which are very good, but not even the best in Astoria. Though the salsa roja, is very nice). But then yesterday, next to the grill, where usually there is nothing, there was a big pot on a turned-off warmer. As I got my tacos, I asked the main man what was in the pot. He was a bit cagey. Some kind of soup, he said. But he referred me to an older man I’ve never seen there before. He seemed to confirm that it was soup, perhaps fish soup, and even agreed that I could have some, if I didn’t mind that it was cold. I promised I would warm it up later.

It’s fish soup. I was very happy to see him taking extra effort to ladle out specific chunks of soup, even though I had no idea what they were. It cost $3. For a second it actually seemed like a lot for take-out coffee cup of soup from a place where great tacos costs only $2. But it was worth every penny.

It had plantains, shrimp, scallop, and a large chunk of meaty and boney white fish. I added a little chopped onion and a big squirt of lime. The shrimps weren’t great, after the reheat. And plantains are well, plantains. But the fish was bone sucking good. The scallop stayed surprisingly tender. And the fish and bones and shrimp gave everything a wonderful flavor. Mmm, the flavor… deep and flavorful and spicy and delicious! I hope to see that pot on the corner again.

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