Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ayvalik, Turkey

The handshake boat from Mytilini, Greece to Ayvalik, Turkey.

Off to Turkey.

Good bye, Mytilini...

...hello Ayvalik.

From an e-mail: Turkey is great. Everything is better than Greece (except, perhaps, the prices... and the language... and the lack of drinkable tap water). But the people are friendlier, the fruit is better, and the food is great. We've had peaches like I only remember having in Greece. I think great fruit needs a society without too much refrigeration. Figs are delicious as well!

It's really hard to overstate just how friendly the Turks are. Even the city folk.

Easy to spot in a Turkish crowd.

Mosques are great places for naps. Sometimes, they're so relaxing and peaceful you don't even make it inside.

Poor vomiting chicky.

Lot's of grape-vined shaddy lanes.

Watermelon rinds. For what?

Lot's of nice gardens.

pomegranate tree.

Note to self: one bungee cord cannot hold two five-liter bottles of water on moped. Karl helps the man collect his load.

Ayvalik women in cart.

Out of the old town of Ayvalik.


Pension waterview. We didn't stay here (they were full), but they had no problem with on resting in their backyard.

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