Thursday, August 25, 2005

Istanbul Market

Grill quarter.

Gun quarter.

Nice hood.

Soon I would be all lathered up like that.

Lather me up! This was the best shave and haircut I've ever had.

What are those men with empty liquor bottles selling? We couldn't figure it out. And they couldn't tell us.

Ayran (salty yogurt drink). You can tell it's hygenic because it's all white. None of us got sick, by the way.


None of us did ever get the nerve to eat street mussels. But had we, this would have been the place.

Ayvalik is famous for its Tostu. Even in Istanbul. They sell this Ayvalik Tostu bread that is easy to cut into just the right thickness for every slice.

Meanwhile, Kemal always keeps a lookout. The Kemal fetish is far to Stalinesque for my taste.

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