Thursday, August 25, 2005

Zora’s Baptism

Last minute catechism

Godmother Fani

Holy oil

...In an ouzo bottle.

Baptismal font

Arts and craft day for the priest.

It can be hard to keep a straight face when you see your wife exorcised and then accept Jesus and the Orthodox faith.

Luckily, the priest's son running around topless and doing funny dances makes keeping a straight face entirely unnecessary.

And the money shot: Zora in the baptismal font. And in case you were wondering, that font wasn’t exactly cemented to the ground. It was like an overgrown flower vase, on a pedestal. It’s made for infants, for crying out loud! Sure I look calm and collected on the outside, but my left arm is gripping that baby pretty good. There was also the moderate risk of Zora’s bed sheet, I mean robe, catching fire. I’m thinking Zora catches fire, in a pool of water, which falls over, priest kids run over and little pails of water, utter chaos… I mean the story would be great, but it can’t be a fortuitous omen for a Christian life.

Post-baptism sweets.


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