Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fish vender in Eminonou

This man was selling grilled fish. You can tell it's fresh because he's, er, standing in the Bosphorus?

From an e-mail:

Trying to get out of Turkey. Not Turkey's fault, mind you. But we want to leave on Thursday. There are no cabins on the (2 night) boat to Odessa. The train to Sofia is out because of floods. Can't go to Syria by train because we don't have visas.

So we bought a ticket to Thessaloniki (on the new asbestos express... I read something in the greek paper about the new train French train cars being loaded with asbestos). The new train even has posters promoting it showing a knot being untied. The border crossing is now down to a scheduled 1 hour rather than the scheduled 3 hours! From there we'll try to take a train up to Sofia, but we don't know if it is running or not. If not, we'll play it by ear. Perhaps going via Ioannina. Perhaps flying back if need be.

For the record, the border crossing still took 3 hours.

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