Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fener, Istanbul

The Greek school in fener. It’s been around since since Byzantine times before the Turkish conquest in 1453 (this building dates from the 1880s. Fener, where the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate is, is now a rough Kurdish areas.

Greek school. The barbed wire doesn't really seem a good sign.

Ferry stop near Fener. I'd like to take one of the boats back to Amsterdam.

They were trying to get the boat out of the water. Hours later, they still hadn't succeeded. But we passed again the next day and the boat was on land.

Boys fishing.

Waiting for the boat.

Turkey and old-school Holland are both big on lace curtains. That's the Galata Tower in the background.

Still trying...

One day our boat will come in (actually it was only a 15 wait). This lesser ferry runs about every hour.


loading ferry

Leaving Balat.
Goodbye Balat. We're heading down the Golden Horn.

Still trying...

Karl took a lot of pictures.

Old dry dock. Yet another former church behind it.

I suppose I should have taken more pictures of the skyline. It's quite beautiful. But you can (and should) find pleanty of those postcard shots online.

Next stop Fener.

Naval academy.

Ferry cafe (and nap zone).

Good tea everywhere!

dry dock

I took a lot of pictures on this ferry ride, for some reason.

Top deck of ferry.



There's always a cafe if you need one.

Grilled fish vender.

grilled fish.

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