Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sofia to Budapest

Sofia to Budapest via Serbia. Sunflowers are in season.

Our train.

Our compartment.

Our spread.

Reading the time away.

At the Bulgarian border town. This train station had seen better days.

Clear in any language. (and why is there a letter 3 in their alphabet?)

Into Serbia.

Did I mention I like windows that open?

Zora seemed strangely perturbed that the safety check consisted of hitting the wheels or brakes with a metal object. (The girls from Prague next to us were very cute) a bug in a rug.

We went through Belgrad at 3AM on a Sunday night. I know you shouldn't judge a city by its train stain. But let me tell you, that place was hopping! Really. Music, young people heading home. It was a hapenning place. Maybe next time.

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methinks said...

the hitting the wheels with the metal thing that goes clang clang happens here too.. india.

loved your pictures. very spontaneous and alive!