Thursday, August 25, 2005


We weren't too impressed with Budapest. I'm sure it's a very nice city. But if I want Northern Europe, I can always go to Amsterdam. And the language? Yikes. But I do like the fact that in the market they sell good cheap wine by the deciliter. I glass of wine was about 35 cents, I think.

Smiley-face glass, no extra charge.

Statue park, a collection of communist statues, should have been better. Great idea. But it is kind of small. There were more in Sofia. And it was raining. The first rain we had seen in a month. Back in Europe. sigh.

They have an old Trabant car you can sit it. It is, indeed, very small.

And then on the Vienna Waltz to Vienna. We had an nice meal on the dining car of this train. Alas, I didn't take any pictures in Vienna. But we had a nice time there with friends. The next day we flew back to Amsterdam.

From an e-mail:
We're still in Budapest at 2pm. We went and saw the Commie Statue Park. Great idea, but it wasn't big enough to be impressive. But how can you know if you don't go?

Train travel is great. I'm only upset that we can't go from here to A'dam. And the sleeper cars are great. You could open the window and stick your head out, which is becoming very rare. East German car, I think. (or maybe old West German?). Then a Bulgarian car. Strange to come to a country (Hungary) and know even less language than in Bulgaria (I knew about 4 words there... I know one work here... makes me feel fluent in Turkish). I'll be happy to be back in familar German speaking land soon. My German, believe it or not (or the Dutch I pass off as German), has come in very very handy everywhere we've been. It was needed in both Turkey and Bulgaria.

For the record, I've been to Budapest once before, and liked it alot.

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